Makeup Meltdown

The heat is on and that means 100 degree weather is soon to come, glimmer beads (as I so nicely call sweat) and the always dreadful melting of your makeup.

Lets start at the base: Having a great skin care regime at home with a cleanser that I beneficial to your skin type. Toning puts your skin back at a healthy Ph level and moisturizing adds all the right ingredients so that you don’t naturally over produce unwanted oil. Once you are all cleansed its time to move on to my FAVORITE product that I have discovered all YEAR!!

Drum roll please……. Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primmer!

this product is the bees knees of makeup primmer and a tool to help keep your skin clear. Its protects your face from absorbing your foundation deep down into your pores.

So that means little to no blackheads! This primmer has a light tint and pearl powder extracts that give your face a beautiful glow.

Foundation 101: There is so many different types of foundations out there that it can get overwhelming on which one is better for you.  

Liquid, Cream, Powder, SPF, no SPF, oil free, mineral and BB creams! 

Not all foundations are created equal. Talk to one of our experts on what foundation is going to work the best for you. 

Moving on: Concealing and blending all those little imperfections after you have your coverage I always add a lose translucent powder to seal and lock in all of my hard work.

Using a powder blush over a cream blush can be beneficial and make sure the is no excess oils or lipids. 

Blushing for you: Powder blush for summer only to help keep any excess oil out of the picture 

Eye see you: Your eyeshadow will stay and not crease now that you have that  Skin Perfect Primer from Dermalogica.

Brow-down: Filling in your brows is a must no matter who you are. Powders and pencils in light feather strokes going with the natural growth of your hair. Then setting them with a clear brow gel.

Line it up: I love using a liquid eye liner or a gel liner to get clean lines that wont melt or smudge.

Lip Love: I have been obsessed with pastel pinks and light purples, as well as intense oranges and bright reds.  Having some fun bright colors can make such a great impact and perk up your mood. 


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